Where is the best place to get my snow forcasts?

For the best snow forecasts for the NSW snow fields, there are a few websites that stand out due to their detailed and reliable information:

  1. Snowatch: This site provides comprehensive snow forecasts and current conditions for major resorts in NSW, including Perisher, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, and Selwyn. It includes temperature updates, 24-hour snow reports, and snow depth measurements. Snowatch is highly regarded for its accuracy and detailed reporting​ (Snowatch)​.
  2. Snow-Forecast.com: This website offers detailed weather forecasts for NSW snow fields, including Perisher and Thredbo. It provides a range of forecast durations (3-day, 6-day, and longer), along with maps showing expected snow accumulation and weather conditions at different altitudes. Snow-Forecast.com is useful for its extensive data and user-friendly maps and charts​ (Snow Forecast)​​ (Snow Forecast)​.
  3. Mountainwatch: Another excellent resource, Mountainwatch provides current snow conditions, weather forecasts, and live cams for NSW resorts. It also offers insights and updates from snow experts, which can be particularly helpful for planning trips and staying updated on snow conditions .

These websites offer robust forecasting tools and real-time updates, making them ideal for anyone planning to visit the snow fields in NSW.

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