Snow chains are mandatory in certain areas of NSW during the winter months. This includes the Snowy Mountains region, including Kosciuszko National Park, where snow chains must be carried in all vehicles between June and October. They must be fitted to your vehicle if conditions require it, such as if the road is covered in snow or ice.

It’s important to ensure that your snow chains fit your vehicle properly and that you know how to fit them correctly. You can purchase or hire snow chains from most ski rental shops, service stations, and auto stores in the region. It’s also recommended to practice fitting your chains before you head out on your trip to ensure you can do it quickly and safely if conditions require it.

If you are driving in the Snowy Mountains region during the winter months, it’s essential to be prepared and carry snow chains with you, even if you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Snow chains can help provide traction and improve your vehicle’s handling on icy or snowy roads, helping to keep you and other road users safe.

A number of rental stops in Jindabyne, such as The Base Ski Hire, offer a range of chain sizes to suit most vehicles,

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